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What is a circuit breaker?

Generally speaking, a circuit breaker is a type of switch that protects us from dangerous electrical situations by automatically turning off the flow of electricity when an overload or other fault occurs.

Miniature Circuit Breaker Working Principle

There are two arrangement of operation of miniature circuit breaker. One due to thermal effect of over current and other due to electromagnetic effect of over current. The thermal operation of miniature circuit breaker is achieved with a bimetallic strip whenever continuous over current flows through MCB, the bimetallic strip is heated and deflects by bending. This deflection of bimetallic strip releases mechanical latch. As this mechanical latch is attached with operating mechanism, it causes to open the miniature circuit breaker contacts. But during short circuit condition, sudden rising of electric current, causes electromechanical displacement of plunger associated with tripping coil or solenoid of MCB. The plunger strikes the trip lever causing immediate release of latch mechanism consequently open the circuit breaker contacts. This was a simple explanation of miniature circuit breaker

Q: Can I get a sample before the order? Because I really don't know the quality of your products.

A:We offer free sample service, we believe that sample order is the best way to build the trust.

Q: How's the delivery? Because I need them urgently.

A: Sample orders will be delivered within 3~7days. Regular orders will be delivered within 15 days.

Q: How long is the warranty of your products?

A: We offer a five-years warranty for our customer.

Q: What certificates do you have?

A: We were certified to CE, SGS, TUV, RoHS etc.

Q: Can I be the distributor of your company in my own country?

A: Of course! Welcome to join us!